Hashkon - Hosted Staking is Future of Legally Valid Cryptocurrency Lending

With the rise of Blockchain Technology, Cryptocurrency is becoming dominant mode of transactions day by day rather than traditional currency. As traditional currency is centralized form of currency, and now people in this world want to trade freely and want to make massive amount of income without any government discrimination, hence decentralized currency or Cryptocurrency trend is gaining more and more and popularity in the trading market. It seems that in the coming years, crypto will be the only means of transaction left. Blockchain technology makes Cryptocurrency easy to use and secure that integrates P2P exchange between fiat and cryptocurrency. There are many cryptos in the market with their debit cards or credits cards already launched with which people can easily do all their transactions related tasks such as purchasing, sending money to someone, selling something online and accepting payment in the form of crypto. .... (More Details Coming Soon)

Hashkon - An Introduction

HASHKON is an easy to use and secure cryptocurrency with which the future of each and every user is secure. It has got something or the other for everyone registered on our platform. Its Lending and Staking programs are very much convenient and easy to understand. This means that it allots money making opportunities to everyone i.e. from a beginner to an investor.

Why we are different from others

As mentioned earlier with the launch of this ICO we want to secure the future of each and every user of this platform. This is our vision that every investor on this lending platform should earn one or the other way on this lending platform. As earlier mentioned that this platform is for everyone from beginner to investor, this concept behind our ICO makes our investor who is also a beginner to invest in our lending program with minimum amount he/she got. New investors who are new to crypto market are afraid of investing their funds due to the risks involved in this market. Hence we allow our investors to invest the least amount which no other platform offer. Additionally, we are backed up by AI technology, which work on the latest trends in the market. It analyze the complete crypto market by using several indicators, just as a human trader would do. If (rarely) it makes an error it learns from its error and shows improvement on the next trade. Our AI technology also works on the market analysis as shown on the news and social media. It collects information from all the possible sources and filter out the false information to give best possible results. This makes AI to determine what are the risks included in a particular trade in future and what trade could be profitable.